Why Online Web Video Is So Important For Business

I’ll start this post by cutting straight to the chase, video marketing and video creation is a pivotal step when you’re looking to grow your business. Yes, okay, I may be coming from a place of bias, however, I’m also unique positioned to explain exactly why I think so.
As a user group, we’re consuming web video at an astounding rate, Youtube alone has over a billion users now. We’re not evening counting the number of people watching video content directly on their Facebook feed. We’re all watching videos now, whether it be commercials, instructional videos or video essays; quickly being able to watch and digest large amounts of content is being easier and easier.
So that brings us back to the issue at hand. How does a business create content for potential clients and customers.

Know Thy Audience

Creating video projects is a bit like building a boat. Yes, strange analogy but stay with me here. If you were building a boat you look at the water and determine what kind of boat you would need. Do you need a sail boat for pleasure? Or are you looking to transport goods and services on a large vessel. The answer would very much dictate the way you build your boat. Well, creating video is the same thing. We ask ourselves a few questions before we start. Who is this for? Where will that person watch this. Is your content for children to watch on an iPad? Or do you need to create a video that will be shown on television for adult females?
Obviously, the answers to these questions would greatly effect how you would go about producing your video project. A video on television may require higher quality, adhere to regulations and also have certain broadcaster restrictions to follow. Whereas a web video may not have to follow such strict guidelines.

Next Steps

So, how do you know? Well, a good way to figure out where to show your video is to figure out who will be watching it. Which demographics are following your brand? Since we’re talking about web video (our specialty), you can use both your Google Analytics and Facebook insights to see who interacts with your webpage, and Facebook profile.
To be clear, this is a task you can always get help with. A good video production company will always start here as a foundation and then work into creating a relevant video project.

You can always get the ball rolling with a production company. Don’t forget to include your favourite pieces of reference and some initial ideas, this always helps get the ball rolling faster. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help: