What Are Our Top Marketing Trends In 2017

As a video production and marketing company our one goal is to stay up to day with the trend and keep our clients informed and a head of the game. If we can help our clients get a leg up on their competition each year then they’ll be best positioned for success. So, with that being said, here is a round of of our top marketing ideas for 2017.

Relationship marketing has everything to do about building and maintaining relationships with your customers and clientele. It’s all about keeping your customers informed about your business in a way that not only helps them out but isn’t invasive. No one wants to get those emails every week updating you on the latest company news, it’s boring and doesn’t help. So what the key? Well, walking a fine line certainly help but people today expect a certainly level of transparency, no, you don’t have to share every little bit of information but coming across as sincere can go a long way in the eyes of your customers. So, the next time you reach out to your customers in your next email blast, keep this in mind.

Mobile Marketing has taken over the world and it doesn’t see any signs of slowing down. In fact the numbers of mobile internet users is up year over year. While 2016 was a great year for the smartphone, we’re expecting to see even bigger usage. So what do you do to stay on top. Well, first making sure your website and video content is mobile friendly is the first step. Google is putting more and more emphasis on mobile friendly websites – so make sure your website is viewable to anyone coming from their phones. What else? Having video content on your site is great however, way too many times we see slow content that doesn’t load in time? Don’t host your own videos people, get them on youtube and embed that Sh*t!

Yes, we know that you may not be a writer but we can’t stress the importance of Content Marketing. This comes back to our first point about relationship marketing, use your blog as an opportunity to tell your customers about the real people behind your company in a way that is honest and informative. Make it fun, short and easy to navigate. Easier said than done right? Well, if writing really isn’t your thing you can always hire a writer to help you out. It’s cheaper than you think!

Okay, last is video marketing. People are still watching videos, and that’s no surprise. It’s so easy to consume video content, just think about the last youtube binge you were on. Yeah, we know, we went down that cute dog rabbit hole as well. Creating content that is smart, short and effective is the goal. Trust us, it’s not easy but when done right it’s so freaking powerful! We spend a good ammount of our days trying to figure out the perfect formula. Whether it’s through ads, youtube videos or daily vlogs, getting yourself and your brand in front of “your people” is the goal!

Okay, so that’s our round up of what we think is trending this year from a marketing perspective. Stay tuned to the blog for more posts!